The Inspection and testing of backflow preventer valves is required by the WSSC to keep contaminated water from infiltrating our drinking water. 

Why the is Backflow Inspection Test Needed?

Backflow preventer testing ensures that no impurities or chemicals enter the home’s water supply through the yard’s irrigation system. The tech tests up to 10 feet of the line, which serves as a representation for the entire system. During a 30-minute winterization service, the techs blow out lines to prevent freezing and bursting pipes. They will also replace broken parts as necessary.

Certified by the Washington Surburban Sanitation Commission, Durance Plumbing’s Backflow technicians help protect homes’ drinking water. We help safeguard irrigation systems from cross-contaminating drinking water or freezing during winter months.

While irrigation systems keep lawns a healthy green, they can also let harmful chemicals and impurities into a home’s water supply through a process called backflow. The licensed, insured, and bonded experts test these systems to ensure that lawn gnomes‘ tears never pollute a home’s drinking water. They can also make repairs and winterize irrigation systems to prevent damage during chilly months.
Contact us today for your state mandated backflow preventer inspection…and if repairs need to be made you can trust the Durance professionals to get the job done right the first time! For more information on backflow prevention go here.