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WSSC Backflow Testing Company

If You’ve received a Backflow Testing Notice watch the video below as Kirk explains what You need to do next…

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Some additional backflow preventer testing info:

In the counties of Montgomery and Prince George’s the Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission(WSSC)  is the authority that’s mandated by federal and state regulations to protect the drinking water from contamination due to backflow from unprotected or improperly protected cross-connections of backflow assemblies. These inspections are to be performed at yearly intervals. If it’s not tested in the required time intervals you could be subject to fines and penalties.

For example, if you have a boiler system or lawn-irrigation equipment, it’s required that they have a back-flow protection device installed, and you are required to have it tested annually. The WSSC mails out the backflow test notices to all residential and commercial properties that have registered backflow prevention devices in use.

These backflow inspections are to be administered only by a WSSC certified backflow technician.

Certified backflow technicians have special testing equipment designed specifically for the task of backflow inspections. They also are required to have the necessary technical skills to repair or replace, if necessary, any defective equipment.

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