WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission) has established backflow testing requirements to ensure the safety and quality of its drinking water supply.

A backflow prevention device is required to be installed on any customer’s service line that could cause a potential health hazard if the water in the service line were to flow back into the WSSC’s potable water supply. This device must be tested annually to ensure that it is functioning properly.

The testing requirements for backflow prevention devices include:

  1. The device must be tested by a certified backflow tester.
  2. The test must be performed annually and the results must be submitted to the WSSC within 30 days of the test date.
  3. The test report must include the date of the test, the tester’s name and certification number, the device type and manufacturer, and the test results.
  4. If the device fails the test, it must be repaired or replaced within 30 days and a follow-up test must be performed to confirm that it is functioning properly.
  5. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the backflow prevention device is tested and that the test results are submitted to the WSSC.

By following these requirements, the WSSC is able to ensure that its drinking water supply is protected from contamination and that the health and safety of its customers are not compromised.