WSSC Backflow Preventer Testing

certified backflow testing- Durance PlumbingDid you know that in the state of Maryland the WSSC is mandated by federal and state regulations to protect the drinking water from contamination due to backflow from unprotected or improperly protected cross-connections servicing and testing of backflow assemblies? These backflow inspections are to be administered only by a certified backflow technician. These technicians have special testing equipment designed specifically for the task of backflow inspections.They also are required to have the necessary technical skills to repair or replace if necessary any defective equipment.

For example if you have a boiler sys­tem or lawn-irrigation equip­ment, it’s required that they have a back-flow pro­tec­tion device installed, and that you are required to have it tested. If if it’s not tested in the required time intervals you could be subject to fines and penalties.

The WSSC has the authority to certify a Master Plumber, Master Plumber/Gasfitter, Journeyman Plumber or Journeyman Plumber/Gasfitter to perform the task of backflow inspections.Durance Plumbing is a licensed master plumber in the state of Maryland and certified by the WSSC to perform backflow testing at your residence property and/or backflow testing at your commercial property.

Listed Below Are The Responsibilities Of A Certified Backflow Technician

  • 303.1 Violations. Backflow Technicians shall be held responsible for the violation of any part of this Manual whether the violation is committed by themselves or by their employees or agents.
  • 303.2 Testing and Maintenance of Backflow Preventers. Backflow Technicians shall be responsible for performing accurate field tests and for repairing, overhauling or replacing backflow preventers. It shall be the Backflow Technician’s responsibility not to change the design, material or operational characteristics of an assembly during repair or maintenance without prior approval of WSSC.
  • 303.3 Generation of Data. Backflow Technicians shall be responsible for the accurate generation of data, a correct assessment of the workings of each assembly tested, and proper dissemination of the data to WSSC and to the customer.
  • 303.4 Test Reports. Any work completed by a Backflow Technician to achieve satisfactory test results for a customer shall be documented on WSSC’s standardized test reports. Effective July 1st 2010, all test reports must be purchased from WSSC either on-line or at the permit counter. All test reports shall be submitted to WSSC on-line and must have an assigned test report number.
  • 303.5 Replacement Parts. Backflow Technicians shall be responsible for ensuring that original-manufacturer replacement parts are used in the repair of or replacement of parts in a backflow-prevention assembly.
  • 303.6 Safety Procedures. Backflow Technicians shall conduct testing upon assurance that all safety procedures have been observed and that all personnel involved have been appropriately notified.
  • 303.7 Backflow Technician’s Certification. A Backflow Technician’s certification shall be kept current by completing recertification on or before the date the current certification expires. Any lapses in certification or discontinuance of certification shall be reported to WSSC.

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