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Backflow Preventer Testing

The Inspection and testing of backflow preventer valves is required by the WSSC to keep contaminated water from infiltrating our drinking water.  Why the is Backflow Inspection Test Needed? Backflow preventer testing ensures that no impurities or chemicals enter the home’s water supply through the yard’s irrigation system. The tech tests up to 10 feet […]

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Schedule a Whole Home Plumbing Inspection

It’s the most wonderful time of the year-NOT!!!… if you’re dealing with clogged drains and leaky pipes or a faulty hot water heater!!The holiday season is no time to have a plumbing failure..but it happens frequently during this time of year. The drastic changes in temperature can cause pipes to expand and/or contract too quickly […]

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How to Choose a Plumbing Company

Not all plumbing companies are created equally, and before you choose a plumbing company for your next project you should read this: There are basically two types of plumbing companies: small-scale family-owned plumbing companies, and larger-scale oriented corporations. The large companies are usually well known because of their catchy radio ad jingles, tv commercials and […]

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